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When I first thought of starting my own business, I wanted to start small. I even thought of having it as a side job to ensure that I have a steady income while doing something else I enjoy. Since I've always enjoy direct interaction with people, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if all I do is sell products that my customers would like without all the hassle of handling inventory, shipping, and all those administrative stuff?

I started looking for such opportunity, but most of the wholesale businesses would rather that you buy the products and get their cash flow in first. After several attempts, I thought, why don't I provide such opportunities to others who may think the same way I did?

This is why I started Fei Gifts & Imports, Inc. I want to help those who wanted to own their own business, but may not have the capital to do so or would rather do without the hassle. I also get to do what I like, interact with my customers, YOU.

Fei Gifts and Imports only carry quality products. Every item was carefully selected for its marketability. Once you become one of our retail partner, we would also encourage your involvement in selecting the next popular items. We believe that your success contribute to our success.

I look forward to growing our businesses together!

Feei Wang

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